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unfill-paragraph (only Emacs nerds need apply)

Posted on December 5, 2010

I usually keep plain text at a nice and tidy 72 columns (give or take, but certainly under 80!). But there are times when it is necessary to have code that will be folded (word-wrapped) by the end user. Think of those text boxes on websites where the result is going to be displayed on some website in a totally unformatted way. In this case you want the text to be one long line per paragraph with a blank line separating each. That way, the text is as wide as the browser window or otherwise follows user preferences (see for how to do this in Firefox). Since I’m always hitting M-q in Emacs, my code’s always formatted at 72ish columns. The following bit of Emacs Lisp lets you unfill-lines, that is it strips out newline characters within a paragraph.